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Local traders and charities

Surrey's Greener Future rewards green and healthy travel with BetterPoints that you can spend or donate locally. If you're not already earning BetterPoints, download the free app via the buttons or QR at the bottom of this page.

We have four vouchers available for Surrey's Greener Future participants to redeem their BetterPoints with local traders.

🛠️ Get 15% off bike parts and servicing for 300 BetterPoints at Bike Bros in Guildford
🍦 Get a £3 ice cream for 2,000 BetterPoints at Dylan's Ice Cream in Haslemere (or at their parlour in Bordon)
☕️ Get a hot drink for 1,000 BetterPoints at Zero Carbon Guildford - we've also got £5 and £10 vouchers for their zero-waste shop
🌍 Join the 'refillution' with our £5 and £10 vouchers for Bare + Fair in Woking

Tap Redeem in the app to browse our full range of vouchers and get in touch if you would like to parter with the campaign to offer prizes, discounts or vouchers for your business in Surrey.

As well as supporting local businesses, you can also donate your BetterPoints to the following charities in Surrey:

  • Woking Foodbank
  • Surrey Search and Rescue
  • Cobham Chatterbus

Not yet taking part? Download the app by scanning the QR or tapping the buttons below:

Once you have downloaded the app, simply:

  1. Register with your Surrey address or get in touch for a referral code if you live outside the county but commute in to work
  2. Tap Challenges and join Surrey's Greener Future
  3. Take the baseline survey to earn your first 250 BetterPoints and unlock points earning
  4. Turn on auto-tracking to record every trip (we never share any personally identifiable information), or toggle it on and off at the beginning and end of each journey

Tap through to the Help section if you need any help with the app. Enjoy!

Do your bit to tackle climate change in Surrey

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