Dylan's Ice Cream founder Ben standing in shop

Dylan's Ice Cream

Dylan’s Ice Cream in Haslemere (and Bordon in Hampshire) joined the Surrey’s Greener Future challenge to list ice cream vouchers in the BetterPoints rewards catalogue.

Since launching in March 2023, close to six hundred pounds in sales have been generated for the company.

We caught up with Ben, the founder of Dylan’s Ice Cream, to hear more about the positive impact the challenge is having on his business.

Why did you choose to get involved in Surrey’s Greener Future?

“It fits with our values, as we try to be as sustainable as we can. We don’t use takeaway cups, only glass bowls which we take back in, whilst we use local ingredients as much as possible. We also use fruit that would otherwise go to waste.
Plus, it looks good for us to be part of a campaign that is doing good.”

How have you found the whole process of working with BetterPoints?

“Signing up was very little effort and it has been the same to administer. We’ve got 8 staff, and it took no time at all to get them up to speed. We set up a BetterPoints button on the till and they simply have to push that instead of the cash or card buttons. That’s it.
Similarly, all of the customers that come in know how the app works. It’s all very smooth.”

What difference has it made to your business?

“It’s brought new customers in, particularly sixth formers and those linked with the local active travel group, which we weren’t getting huge numbers of beforehand.
It has boosted sales too with people coming in to use their BetterPoints voucher but then staying to have a coffee as well.
Where it has been really valuable of late has been generating sales over winter, a time when people tend to forget about ice cream shops. It is very hard to capture people’s attention during the festive period through the website and social media as there is so much else going on.
Being promoted through the app got people in the door and buying our Christmas items. Once they’re in the shop, they will stick around because it is cold outside and spot our special offers on display. The app has done really well for us in this regard.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“In summary, it has definitely worked, and we’ve done embarrassingly little to make it a success! I’ve only got positive things to say, not a single negative.”

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