Surrey's Greener Future Star: Becky

Congratulations to Becky from Hinchley Wood for being a Greener Future Star

Becky signed up to Surrey's Greener Future in September last year after finding out about the challenge from the Surrey bulletin (via work). Changing the way she travelled made her realise she could easily sell her car and find alternative ways of getting about - so she did just that!

Here is what she said about joining BetterPoints and how it has helped her become car free:

"I used to walk to work on nice days and drive in on rainy days or when I was running late or feeling lazy!  I tended to drive everywhere else - even short trips to the shops. So I was using the car at least four times a week, if not more.
When I heard about the BetterPoints app it seemed a no-brainer to be awarded points for encouraging me to make changes to the way I travelled to more eco-friendly ways. These points could be turned into rewards too.
The app is easy to use and it’s fun to see the points adding up quickly when I choose good travel options. Interestingly I now walk more, and have bought a bicycle using the cycle to work scheme. It has also encouraged me to use buses and trains more regularly.
I finally took the plunge and sold my car not long after joining the challenge. Walking, cycling and taking the bus are most definitely better for me both in terms of physical health but also mental health. I’m also saving so much money by not having a car … insurance, servicing, petrol, car park charges, etc.
I’m planning to climb up to Base Camp Everest in April … will I get any points for that?!"

Well done to Becky for making those changes and taking the leap to being car free with all the benefits it brings. And good luck with your Everest challenge, if we get a funded challenge in Nepal you'll certainly qualify for a BetterPoints bonus for all that hiking!

How can you become the next Surrey's Greener Future Star?

If you've enjoyed walking, cycling and travelling more sustainably recently - tell us, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the  activities tab by tapping ▶️ in the app and complete our Surrey's Greener Future Star survey. You can submit an entry each month and we award successful entries with 25,000 BetterPoints.

Not yet taking part? Download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons below or scan the QR code. Once you've registered, tap Challenges in the bottom left-hand corner of the app and join Surrey's Greener Future. You can start earning rewards and prize draw entries straight away.

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