"I'm so pleased with the health benefits"

Congratulations to Ben from Farnham for being June's Greener Future Star

Ben signed up to Surrey's Greener Future in March this year after seeing a post on Surrey County Council's Facebook page. At the time he was using his car for every journey he made and had real concerns over his health and weight.

After a routine health check for his blood pressure, his doctor advised him to get out walking, lose weight and get fitter or face an increase in dosage of his medication. So some action was needed!

Since joining BetterPoints Ben has started a routine of daily walking, incorporating activity into his work commute and visiting his clients in the community on foot.

Here is what he said about joining BetterPoints and how it has helped him:

"I'm so pleased with the health benefits I've seen since joining the challenge. I started this journey extremely unfit, the BetterPoints have really motivated me to get out the door.  I'm now going walking every morning and evening and I average about 4 or 5 miles a day. One of the best parts is exploring new areas in Surrey with my dog.
My weight has come down and I've lost 8lbs by making this lifestyle change. As I've become fitter, I have started to walk some of my journeys for work, where I visit adults with learning difficulties in the community. I use my car much less and save at least 20% in petrol costs. It's win-win!
I'm delighted to be picked as this month's prize winner and I hope to spend the points on a voucher so I can buy a jacket for the dog on rainy walks."

Well done to Ben for making those changes to get out, be more active and improve his health!

How can you become the next Surrey's Greener Future Star?

If you're not yet taking part in Surrey's Greener Future, download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons below and join in - you can earn rewards and win prizes for getting around in green and healthy ways that benefit you, Surrey and the planet.

Once you're registered, simply get out and enjoy walking, cycling and travelling more sustainably - then tell us all about it, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the activities tab by tapping ▶️ in the app and complete our ‘Surrey's Greener Future Star' survey.

Every month we are awarding one user 25,000 BetterPoints (that's £25!) for being our 'Surrey's Greener Future Star' - you can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app reminding you to share your story.

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