A toddler wearing a bike helmet and waterproof suit jumping into a puddle on a pavement

Not at the mercy of traffic

Congratulations to Chantelle from Woking, our latest Greener Future Star

Chantelle joined Surrey's Greener Future after reading about it in a Surrey Matters email and kindly took the time to tell us about how she swapped traffic jams for a beautiful walk to nursery with her son.

I decided to register as my son had started full-time at nursery and we wanted to encourage him to walk to and from school the following year.
We started the school run in September 2021 and started by car then mixed scooting/walking and car depending on the weather.
I like that we get some "free" exercise and get a chance to chat. My son is 4 and loves looking at all the flowers, birds, finding sticks and jumping in puddles. He also like walking home with his friend some days.
Walking to school means we know when we'll get there. We're not at the mercy of the traffic - even though its a short journey the traffic can be awful. It's also great exercise.
Before we started the school run I worried that the route was going to be too difficult. It's 20 minutes and the route doesn't have pavement all the way. I had to try out a few routes to find one that worked for us and we have to be super careful as there aren't safe pedestrian crossings. However, most of the route is actually a lovely walk through a beautiful area so it was worth putting the effort in. My son's favourite walks to school are when there are puddles to jump in!

How can you become the next Surrey's Greener Future Star?

If you're not yet taking part in Surrey's Greener Future, download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons below and join in - you can earn rewards and win prizes for getting around in green and healthy ways that benefit you, Surrey and the planet.

Once you're registered, simply get out and enjoy walking, cycling and travelling more sustainably - then tell us all about it, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the activities tab by tapping ▶️ in the app and complete our Surrey's Greener Future Star survey. If you're happy to share a photo and we use your case study, we'll reward you with 25,000 BetterPoints - that's £25!

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