Christmas Countdown

This December, everyone in Surrey is invited to enter our daily prize draws by downloading the free BetterPoints app and choosing green and healthy modes of transport.

It's harder to get outside and be active when the days are short and it's cold outside - but it still makes you feel great! To help motivate you to walk, wheel, cycle and use public transport, we're running a Christmas Countdown. Every day there are £20's worth of prizes up for grabs:

  • 1x 10,000 BetterPoints
  • 1x 5,000 BetterPoints
  • 5x 1,000 BetterPoints

So there will be SEVEN lucky winners every day from 1-24 December.

The BetterPoints you earn and win can be spent at Zero Carbon Guildford, online or donated to local and national charities.

Not yet taking part in Surrey's Greener Future? Download the app via the buttons below or search the App Store or Google Play. Tap Challenges, join Surrey's Greener Future and take the Get Started survey to start earning rewards and prize draw entries.

Once you're signed up, it's easy to refer friends, family and colleagues by tapping ☰ in the top left-hand corner of the app, then tapping Refer a Friend:

You can win 10,000 BetterPoints (that's £10!) for referring a friend - there are four weekly draws starting on Friday 25 November and you can refer up to ten friends per week, with each one earning you a prize draw entry.

Do your bit to tackle climate change in Surrey

Mobile phone with betterpoints app.